We offer the best and safest horse, pony, miniature horse, mule, and or donkey rides anywhere. Our handled rides provide the most control and safety while incorporating more one on one time with the animal. All events, rides, and interactions are supervised by a certified, insured, and CPR trained riding instructor.

Wolf's Den is also a licensed riding stable. Our ponies are not just party animals, they are highly trained equines with double lives. They provide entertainment to children of all ages in many venues. At  birthday parties and hospitals, but they also provide one on one learning during weekly riding lessons and weekend shows.


All our ponies will have adequate shade, access to water, and periodic breaks from the public if needed. Weather conditions determine the frequency of breaks, cancellations, and or animal selections. All equines are up to date on health care. Health records are available, just ask! Prior to a job appointment all equines involved will receive a bath and or proper grooming to look their best for the event.

All of our ponies attend events clean with matching halters, leads, and  saddle pads. They are lead my trained volunteers. Ponies are selected according to your event, the ages and weight of people interacting with them, the ponies personalities and their temperaments. Safety is our number one priority.....second is FUN!!

If the weather, time, and guest interest permit demonstrations will be given to increase the hands on learning. This may include, but is not limited to grooming, general care, and ground walking.


Our ponies can go just about anywhere. Front yards, sidewalks, driveways, backyards, or open fields. We have ponies to match every event, age, and personalty.
One pony 1hour $125 additional hour $100
Two ponies 1hour $175 additional hour $100
Three ponies 1hour $225 additional hour $100
Four or Six pony carousel call for quote


These friends are not for riding, they are to help keep the riding pony or ponies calm during the event. Especially if you are only having one riding pony come to your party. They also provide extra hands on fun. Works out very nice with a large number of young guests. These friends are able to be brushed with the grooming supplies we bring, held around by the kids, and fed treats that we bring. We may even be able to bathe them if weather and time permit.
One friend 1hour $35 additional hour $50
Two friends 1hour $55 additional hour $50

Make your event like no other! These programs were added by popular demand. Any of these options are best suited for smaller events, 5 to 15 kids, and ages 6 thru 16 years old at any type of event.

The kids will learn and help me groom the ponies when we arrive. Everyone will have a chance to help brush, spray, braid, and put things on the pony and get them ready to ride. Then the kids can take turns riding the ponies for the rest of the time.
One pony plus a friend $250 1hour additional hour $75
Two ponies plus a friend $350 1hour additional hour $100

Each kid will have a mini riding lesson. They will learn the basics of how to ride a pony all by themselves. It is interactive, captivates all the kids, and most of all FUN.
One pony $300 1hour additional hour $125
Two ponies $400 1hour additional hour $150

We play games with the ponies. Normally rely games, or group games. Yes, the kids even win prizes. We need at least two ponies. These can be games that the kids are riding in or games where the kids are leading the ponies.
Two pony friends $200 1hour additional hour $100
One riding pony + a pony friend $300 1hour add hour $125
Two riding ponies $400 1hour additional hour $150

This is a good option to add to a general pony party. The kids get some extra time to have with the ponies. We bring supplies to "glam" them up. Different color hoof polish, mane and tail conditioner, bows, ribbons, sparkles, and so on.
Half hour with the ponies $55
Hour with the ponies $75

This is an awesome addition to an event. The kids get a real kick out of being pulled around by the ponies and riding in a cart. A pony comes with a cart. The carts match the leads halters, and the handlers shirt. Depending on the pony size, we can normally fit one of our handlers in the cart driving and two kids OR three to four kids being lead around while in the cart.
One pony and one cart for an hour $275
Two ponies and two carts for one hour $450
Three ponies and three carts for one hour $575
additional hours are $150 each
We also have a pony wagon and teams.

We have some great ideas that we have been given and have come up with over the years. You are welcome to take our ideas and do them yourself or we can provide the added entertainment for you. If you hire us to do any of these themes, ideas, or games, we will provide all the necessary items, run the game, and clean up.  Most of the prizes are candy or small trinkets related to the theme. New ideas are always welcome!

All decorations come with us and leave with us. We can set them up if you would like. Unless you want to pick them up and return them to us if you are close.
Bales of straw  -  buy  $5.00 ea  -  rent  $3 ea
Bales of hay  -  buy  $8.00 ea  -  rent  $5.00 ea
Old wagon wheels  -  buy  $75.00 ea  -  rent  $20.00 ea
Used horse shoes  -  buy  $8.00 ea  -  rent  $4.00 ea
Plastic steers head  -  buy  $85.00 ea  -  rent  $30.00 ea
Cowboy outfit  -  buy  $300.00 ea  -  rent  $50.00 ea
Cowgirl outfit  -  buy  $300.00 ea  -  rent  $50.00 ea
Real cowboy hats  -  buy  $75.00 ea  -  rent  $15.00 ea
Real lassos  -  buy $50.00 ea  -  rent  $5.00 ea
Western saddles  -  buy  $450.00 ea  -  rent  $50.00 ea
Country music CD  -  buy  $20.00 ea  -  rent  $10.00 ea
Bandannas  -  buy  $8.00 ea  -  rent  $3.00 ea

Music & Bubbles
We bring necklaces with bubbles for the children to keep, a bubble machine and country music to the event.
5-10 kids $100
10-15 kids $125
15-20 kids $150
20-25 kids $200

Unicorn / Princess
We dress up the ponies as unicorns and bring princess hats and wands for the children to keep.
5-10 kids $100
10-15 kids $125
15-20 kids $150
20-25 kids $200

Cowboy / Cowgirl
We bring bandannas and hats for the children to keep and dress the ponies up as real cowboy ponies.
5-10 kids $100
10-15 kids $125
15-20 kids $150
20-25 kids $200

Kids can keep all items brought and made. You must provide area for activities. Activities will go on the same time as the petting zoo and or pony rides. These ideas and options often help entertain wondering or energetic children. Please use your own discretion for age appropriate activities.
*Color pictures & crayons (pony related)  5 to 15 kids 
*Create and band / decorate cow hides 5 to 15 kids 
*Make wanted posters of each other 5 to 15 kids
*Pan for gold - make sifters then look for gold (pennies) in your sand box 5 to 15 kids
Any two for $50.00 per hour

Games will go on the same time as the petting zoo and or pony rides. These games help entertain wondering and energetic children.
*Pin the tail, donkey or pony (prizes given) 5 to 15 kids 
*Dress up race - teams and boxes of western clothes (prizes given) 6 to 12 kids 
*Needle (prize) in a haystack - a bale of straw is piled up with a prizes inside, teams, 6 to 14 kids 
*Three legged / sack race (prizes given)  6 to 18 kids 
*Hot potato / Rattle snake - potato or rubber snake and music (prizes given) 5 to 18 kids
*Shoot out - light candles and shoot them out with squirt guns, groups race (prizes given) 6 to 20 kids
*Corral the run aways - brooms are used to catch run away balloons and corral (prizes given) 6 to 20 kids
Any two for $100.00 per hour


We have tried to make our travel fee fair to everyone. We do not try to make a profit off of this, it is just to cover our basic expense to get to you. We will gladly come to you if you are anywhere in the tri state area, maybe even if your not! The gas it takes to drive a truck and trailer would amaze you, especially when gas increases. We also keep our travel equipment in good, safe, working order. Our travel fee is based off of mapquest and we only charge it once, one way. This travel fee is $1.50 per mile.

Please, please, please try to book as early as possible. We normally book events three to six months in advance. We need a minimum of 14 days to comfortable fit in an event. We generally receive a call or email that someone has questions or is interested in booking a date. We return the call or email within 24 hours whenever possible. Please remember we are running a business, a large facility, and a family. We then send out a contract. In order for us to write you into our schedule and book your day and times, we need the contract and a deposit. Once we receive the contract (fully filled out and signed) and the deposit we will call or email you a conformation.

At Wolf's Den we understand that not everyone in the business is reliable and trustworthy. We also understand that things come up in life and priorities can shift. For those reasons we will rearrange and fit events in last minute. To book an event with less then 7 days notice add $50.00 to the total. To book an event with less the 48 hours notice add $75.00 to the total.

Wolf's Den is double licensed, fully insured, permitted, certified, and CPR trained. If you still feel unsure or want some extra protection we can add you to our insurance for the day(s). The fee to cover this is $100.00

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