We are offering some of our over stock for sale and adoption.


Great guard or family dogs...or both! 100% farm raised, up to date on vaccines, wormings, vet checked, heartworm and flea prevention. As soon as they are eight weeks or older they are put on interceptor and frontline. They get along great with other animals. Puppies come with a fix agreement or are already fixed, health records, and family pictures. Normally between $300 and $500 with $100 back when they are spayed or neutered (unless already done)....large discount on pairs or trios. They work much better and are much happier in pairs. They make wondersul livestock gaurd dogs or great family pets.

  We currently have four puppies avalible born 10-22-11 and one young dog avalible born 5-7-11.



I have one 8yr old spayed female that needs a new home. She is absolutely awesome with kids and great with other animals. Right now she is out in a kennel, however she is great in the house. We use her every night to herd horses, goats, geese and cattle back and forth from pens to the barn and such. Great little hard worker or she would be an awesome family pet. She is up to date on everything, current on interceptor and frontline, she walks very nicely on a leash, knows basic commands and some herding ones, listens very well, never wonders, is completely house broke, spayed, and is very quiet. $100.00.

We also have a 3yr old red heeler neutered male that needs a home. Very energetic, but listens nicely. Up to date on vaccines, wormings, vet checked, and heartworm checked. Current on interceptor and frontline. Mostly housebroke, indoor outdoor dog. Is great with kids and all the other animals. $100 and he is nuetered......parents are on site, no relation to above female.


We rasie Mini Rex, Rex, English Lops, Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Plushies, Velveteen Lops, Flemish Giants, N. Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies, Polish and mixes. Check with us we always have rabbits and bunnies for sale. Papers available on any pure breed, prices start at $5 and up.

As of 8-23-12 we have these avalible

  3 wonderful pet rabbits, they grew up in the petting zoo and we still use them now. They are lionhead / dutch, about 3lbs each, broken tort, and 1 year old, $20 each

Mini rex does, variety of colors and ages, all papered $25 to $50

We can have any of these rabbits spayed or neutered if you would like them as better pets.


All ages, either gender, very easy to care for, and very easy to handle. Extremely cute and they have all been raised around other animals and kids.
Sold in same sex pairs, $10 each......unless you would like a few....


  Our maras are raised with cats, dogs, kinkajous, birds, and a variety of other animals and have been socialized with other people and places. They are started or are leash and harness trained, come when called, sit and speak on command, and are raised in our house with the family. Once they are four days old they are started in the petting zoo and begin going to places and events. Please do your own research if you are not farmiliar with this animal.Open to trades, maybe.... These are awsome and amazing exotic pets for the right people, I will turn the wrong people away. We except paypal, add 4% to the total. Deposits are nonrefundable. Email only.

**********Taking deposits for 2012 babies.**********
Bottle Babies under 10 days old $250 each
Bottle Babies over 10 days old $300 to $600 each
Adults and Sub Adults NOT Bottle Raised  and NOT Proven $150 to $200

Rare colors also avalible!!! Discount for multiple

We pull our babies at day one, feed them mara colestrum, and put them on the best milk to create the healthest, tamest, and calmest maras anywhere. Vet checks and health certificates are avalible, must know ahead of time.

As of 8-23-12 we have three bottle / hand raised maras avalible right now. Very, very sweet. They are bottle raised and is almost weaned. Used in our petting zoo and has been to schools and hospitals. Very well socialized with people, travel, and other animals. Very polite, is litter box trained, wears a harness or sweeter, and is crate trained. Currently they are in the house. Carries the piebald, silver and rust genes if you are interested in breeding. From wonderful stock with well balanced temperments and personalities. A good, educated home is our number one goal.






We raise Standard Fainting Goats, Mini Fainting Goats, Standard Lamachas, Mini Lamachas, Standard Nubians, Mini Nubians, Pygoaras, Boers and  Crosses. Most are registered and come with papers or applications to register. Prices start at $65 and go up to $550
depending on breed, color, reg., age and gender. We always have babies and or bottle babies thru most of the year.
Our babies are bottle feed on goats milk, fully vaccinated, and come from a clean and tested herd.

Prices are neg. and I might be willing to trade or make packages.
Email only. Deposits are required to hold and are nonrefundable.

We raise Mini Cheviot, Dersert Painted, Texas Dall, Icelandic, Shetland and Mini Crosses. Between $100 and $500 depending on size, color, breed, reg, age, and gender.

Prices are neg. and I might be willing to trade or make packages.
Email only. Deposits are required to hold and are nonrefundable.





We are expecting two to four calves this spring.




Goober is a 17yr old pinto shetland gelding. He is about 9 hands tall or so, liver bay and white. He is dead broke and pulled a cart in his younger days. We have used him for lessons, pony parties and on our pony ring. Nothing seems to bother him. Very easy to work with, catch, bathe, trailers well, good for farrier and vet. Current coggins and up to date on vaccines! Great kids pony! $400.00

They need a semi retirement home with less work and less compitition for food, they are pretty low on the pecking order in the herd. They are awesome ponies and deserve a great home. They are not half dead or cripled in any way! They would be great for a first pony or for the grand kids to mess with.

Make me an offer!!!! A long term, good home is more important to me!!!!

Open to trades aswell

Also have a appaloosa mini mare. Registered AMHA, about 32" tall. Black with white spots / frosting and tons of modeling. I will check, but I think she is 14 years old. Throws wonderful. loud colored babies. She is very sweet, easy to work with and is a very good mom. We have used her as a brood mare and in our petting zoos for kids to handle. $400.00






These items are just sitting around collecting dust, so make a reasonable offer, take them all, or a package deal, or trade???

14" western saddle. Nice medium leather youth saddle. Used twice shows, does not fit my daughter's pony. Fits all the other horses & ponies great, just not her's, go figure. Paid $300 plus shipping....handmade Colt, all leather and well kept. Asking $150

Brand new, still in plastic, purple splint boots. Bought for $32.00, sell for $20.00

XL brand new hood. Olympian. Black w/ silver lining & some purple, quilted & water proof.  Bought new last month for $45.00.....selling now for $30.00

Large dark navy blue canvas with red trim hood. New, has been stored at the barn in the tack room or a year and now does not fit anyone. $25.00

Small green hood. Brand new, never even on a pony or horse. Double D brand. No one needs it here...$25.00

we are very busy and work odd hours

PHONE 734-697-7522
FAX 734-697-3595
EMAIL wolfsden@ameritech.net


Never kick a fresh cow chip on a hot day.

There are two ways to argue with a woman, neither one works.

Don't worry about biting off more then you can chew, your mouth is way bigger then you think.

If you think your a person of great influence, try ordering someone else's dog around.

After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so goo he roared. He kept roaring up till the hunter found
him and shot him. Moral - When your full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

If you find your self in a hole, stop digging.

It does not take a genius to find the goat in the sheep flock.

Never ask a barber if he thinks you need a haircut.

Good judgment comes from experience and even more comes from bad judgment.

Always drink upstream from the herd, any herd.

Never drop your shotgun to hug a grizzly.

When riding in front of the herd, look back every now and again, make sure you are still being followed.

If you give a lesson in meanness to a critter or person, don't be surprised if they learn that lesson.

Letting the cat out of the bag is a spell easier then getting it back in.

Look good at what your about to consume. It is not as important to know what it is, but what it was.

The fastest way to double our money is to fold it over and put it back in your own pocket.